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Business 4: Medical Device Business

We have managed the following medical devices as a holder of marketing and manufacturing authorization for medical devices:

1. Air-Bag System
2. Marketing and Manufacturing for EEG program

Air Bag System

This medical device is a respiration curve diagram data recorder, and has been developed in collaboration with Miyakojima IGRT Clinic.
The purpose of this device is to properly position the trunk (determination of the respiratory phase) during radiation therapy.
This system uses a personal computer with Microsoft Windows 7 as the OS to display the acquired data. Microsoft officially announced, however, that they would stop supporting Windows 7. after January 14, 2020.
We have stopped to manufacture and sell this medical device from January 1 in 2020. For products that have already been sold and for which a maintenance contract has been concluded, we will perform maintenance service.

EEG program (product name EEG analyzer BWMS-1

This program, developed by PaMeLa Corporation, has functions of processing EEG signal information output from EEG and providing it for medical treatment.
We have already submitted the notification of master file certification cancellation on as of June 1, 2020, and we will no longer manufacture and sell it. Cancellation of items registered in Drug Master Files

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