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We have provided innovative technologies and business models in various business field.

Business 3: Environment Measure and Energy Saving Initiatives

We can provide environmental measures and energy saving for the purpose of CO2 reduction and energy cost reduction. As benchmarking of EU-based companies with advanced technologies in such fields, we have established good relationships, in a collaborative manner, with the following technologies:

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1.Business Collaboration with CADG Centriair Deutschland , Germany, for VOC removal and Deodorizer
2.Business Collaboration with Sigma Institute of Environmental Technology

Products of Centriair (for odor abatement/treatment and VOC treatment)Selling Points

These products are based on Swedish technologies, and we can provide clients in Japan with our services as an interface with Centriair by establishing a domestic technical team including maintenance service.
We can perform the maintenance work as well as the installation work in collaboration with Fuji Wire Net Co., Ltd..

Environment Measure and Energy Saving Initiatives
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