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We have provided innovative technologies and business models in various business field.

Business 5: Cooperation with overseas companies

We have collaborative business with the following foreign companies:

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1.GEA Procomac, Italy, for supply of maintenance parts for aseptic filling equipment
2.Collaboration with NGG, India
3.Collaboration with Kankyo Group, India
4.Collaboration with HANYANG MECATRO, Korea


We have good cooperation with the following overseas companies to introduce unique or advanced technologies:

1. Our collaborative work with Indian companies mainly covers in the fields of IT, artificial intelligence, and the environment. The interface with these Indian companies is NGG (Nihon Global Gateway). NGG operates a Japanese language school and introduces industrial parks mainly in southern India (Chennai and its suburbs). The NGG representative is a graduate of the Overseas Industrial Human Resources Development Association (AOTS) (graduate of the Kansai Training Center) and a vice president of ABK-AOTS DOSOKAI in Chennai, India. AOTS DOSOKAI was founded by AOTS graduates and ABK-AOTS DOSOKAI in Chennai is the largest organization in India. The above-mentioned Japanese language schools are not simply educating Japanese language, but also educating Japanese manner or characteristics so that they can work immediately as employees of Japanese companies.

2.We are a service provider of GEA Procomac who is a big manufacturer for aseptic filling of PET bottles. Our business is to supply maintenance parts for the delivered equipment.

Cooperation with overseas companies
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