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Business 2: Food Safety Initiatives

We can provide the following food safety initiatives such as data analysis on food safety considering and leading to the reduction of food waste loss. This methodology might be, in principle, similar to “Innovative Production Technologies”, and it treats food safety data as big data not only to support the implementation of food safety standards in compliance with any applicable regulation, but also to reduces food waste loss.

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1. Food Safety Data Base and Its Analysis
2. Reduction of Food Waste
3. What is Retail HACCP?
4. Food Supply Chain

Food Safety Data Analysis

e-Food Safety Study Group provides the latest information on food safety and hygiene through the Internet and a wide range of information and educational material from managers to employees, as a unique food safety solution workshop. In addition, by conducting various activities such as providing news information, free consulting by experts, holding seminars, exchanging opinions between members etc., we contribute to the development of the company business. by improving the level of human resources of member companies and earning the trust of consumers.

Food Safety Initiatives
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