YMP-Mundus Corporation


We have provided innovative
technologies and business models in various business fields.

Business 1: Innovative Production Technology

We can provide innovative production technologies using IT, IOT, network and data science including artificial intelligence. The essential keywords in such innovation are "collection and analysis of data/information", "systematization of data/information", "automation" and "clarification and indication of causal relationship between collected information and business process". Refer to the following examples:


Business 2: Food Safety Initiatives

We can provide the following food safety initiatives such as data analysis on food safety considering and leading to the reduction of food waste loss. This methodology might be, in principle, similar to “Innovative Production Technologies”, and it treats food safety data as big data not only to support the implementation of food safety standards in compliance with any applicable regulation, but also to reduces food waste loss.


Business 3: Environment Measure and Energy Saving Initiatives

We can provide environmental measures and energy saving for the purpose of CO2 reduction and energy cost reduction. As benchmarking of EU-based companies with advanced technologies in such fields, we have established good relationships, in a collaborative manner, with the following technologies:


Business 4: Medical Device Business

We have managed the following medical devices as a holder of marketing and manufacturing authorization for medical devices:


Business 5: Cooperation with overseas companies

We have collaborative business with the following foreign companies:


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