YMP-Mundus Corporation


We have provided innovative
technologies and business models in various business fields.

About Mundus

Company Profile (PDF)
Established on April 1,2013
Corporate Name YMP-Mundus Corporation
Headquarters 5th Floor South Wing, Shiina HD Building Tanimachi 1-1-14 Izumi-machi,
Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-00149 Japan Access Map (PDF)
Board Members President/CEO  YAMAGUCHI, Hisakazu
Vice President  MATSUNAMI,Koji
Director           OH.Ryoong-jin(Doctor of Medicine)
Auditor            KOTAKE,Seigo
Consultant       TAKEDA,Hiroshi(Emeritus Professor,Osaka University)
Capital Fund 37 million Yen

Company Policy

MUNDUS's mission is to create and expand new business, and we have much concern on advanced technologies regarding business fields of IT, artificial intelligence, energy management, food safety and environmental measures. For performing such innovative business, we are looking for technology-oriented partners and established collaborative organizations with enterprises not only in Japan, but also overseas companies. We have also good relationship with excellent academic partners who are suitable for performing collaborative research projects.

Our policy is that we should consider any business or business-related activity as a system. The basic business flow might be a one-to-one transaction, and this would, however, present a direct relationship, for example, between a supplier and a client as a part of the system. (Refer to the following figure.)

This approach is based on total optimization, not sub-optimization, which might be applied to this relationship (the concept of a system). We believe that this should consider not only cost minimization, but also sharing information in the systematic approach. In other words, when analyzing information and data as big data, a more optimal solution might be obtained by processing it as a system.